Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inside The Squared Circle: Steve Austin's Wrestlemania Return? Sid's Comeback, Announce Team Shuffled, **Smackdown Spoilers**

The rumors are swirling that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is in “early negotiations” with the W.W.E. about a “one time only” Wrestlemania XXV match next March. Austin currently is being advertised for a role – probably as a special guest referee - at the Cyber Sunday pay-per-view in October, which he did last year as well.

I’ve read that Austin has said he has one more good match left in him and for years fans have been clamoring for an Austin-Hulk Hogan match. Those two have never met one on one before, only in a tag team match so it has been labeled a “dream match.” In my opinion, a Hogan-Austin bout will never happen because both men will want to win and neither, I’m sure, will budge off of that. I’d really be shocked if Austin wrestles again.

This rumor probably stems from the fact that Austin is advertised for Cyber Sunday and that Wrestlemania takes place in his home state of Texas. Still, if you had to pick anyone off the WWE roster that could sell this match, it would be, of course, Shawn Michaels. But he too hails from the great state of Texas and I’d rather see him put an end to The Undertaker’s Wrestlemana winning streak next year.

Meanwhile, Sid Vicious has been telling everyone that he is coming back to the W.W.E. in September. Rumor has it that he will be in some kind of role as Chris Jericho’s bodyguard. This morning, though, I read that W.W.E. is currently offering Sid just a tryout match.

Speaking of tryouts, former Ring of Honor World Champ Takeshi Morishima won both of his tryout matches for W.W.E.; in a dark match for Raw on Monday and Smackdown last night. As far as Smackdown goes, last night’s taping results conclude this post. Warning: SPOILERS.

Mick Foley appears to be out the door and is either headed to reality t.v. or T.N.A. Hmmm, there is a joke in there someplace…

That being the case, Matt Striker is now paired up with Todd Grisham on E.C.W. while Tazz will provide color for Jim Ross on Friday nights. I like Mick Foley and was surprised that he wasn’t better on the mic, being that he is such an articulate guy. For whatever reason, although he was OK, he just was not as good as one might have expected. I like Tazz, a legit badass, that provides good color and a solid mix of comedy. As for Striker, he is very, very solid; well-spoken and very clear sounding. He’s a local guy also; lives in Ossining and former teacher at Cardozzo H.S. in Queens.

A W.W.E. Title Scramble for Unforgiven is announced with qualifying matches taking place on Smackdown.

Maria beats Natalya.

10 Man Battle Royal Winner earns a spot in the W.W.E. Title Scramble: Brian Kendrick won the match which earned him a spot in the scramble.

MVP over Festus. MVP wins by countout to earn a spot in the W.W.E. Title Scramble.

Shelton Benjamin pins Finlay. Shelton gets a spot in the W.W.E. Title Scramble.

Jeff Hardy defeats The Great Khali. Hardy earns a spot in the W.W.E. Title Scramble.

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