Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Smackdown From Atlanta, Georgia **Spoiler Warning**

Courtesy of other websites:

R-Truth (Ron Killings) beat Kenny Dykstra in the opening dark match.

Natalya, Victoria and Maryse beat Michelle McCool, Maria and Cherry after Maria tapped out to Natalya’s sharpshooter. All six were dressed in Olympic attire.

Backstage, La Familia found Bam Neely laid out with a black rose on top of him. They’re confused. Crowd pop for the Undertaker hint.

Ryder and Hawkins beat Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore.

MVP was interviewed backstage about Jeff Hardy. MVP vs. Hardy is confirmed for Summerslam.

Jeff Hardy beat Shelton Benjamin by DQ after MVP interfered.

Great Khali beat Triple H in a Broken Glass arm-wrestling match. Segment ended with Triple H helped to the back selling Khali’s vice grip.

Backstage, Curt Hawkins is shown laid out in the locker room with a black rose on him. Big pop. Ryder was later shown laid out too. Chavo and Vickie Guerrero think Edge is behind it.

Vladimir Kozlov beat Jesse (w/Festus).

Brian Kendrick (w/Ezekiel) beat Super Crazy. Afterwards, Ezekiel put Super Crazy in a torture rack.

Edge, Chavo, and Vickie all come out to the ring to call out The Undertaker. Both Edge and Chavo have chairs. Edge turns on Chavo and gives him a one man conchairto as Vickie watches from her wheelchair. Edge then pushes Vickie out of her chair. The show ends with Edge saying he’ll take Undertaker and La Familia to hell with him.

After the show ended, Triple H beat Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov was hit with a pedigree and that was a squash match. Edge then attacked Triple H and gets a title match, with Edge losing by countout after bailing out.

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