Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Raw is Blah!

Maybe it’s the Wrestlemania hangover. Perhaps it is that every sport has its “prime of the season” and this is not it for wrestling. Hell, maybe I’ve got a case of the “Mick Jaggers” and I’m not very satisfiable. But Raw has been really lame the last couple of weeks. If it weren’t for Shawn Michaels, the show would be completely devoid of any flavor. Ending Monday Night Raw without showing us the conclusion to the Triple H-Randy Orton match was just stupid. There are so many other ways to draw heat or build up William Regal as a heel then for him to be running around the control room and turning off the monitors.

Last night, thankfully I did not watch, E.C.W. broadcasters Mike Adamle and Tazz just walked off before the last match (Kane vs. Chavo/bodyguard) got under way. So what gives W.W.E.?

Time for some fresh ideas. The overall roster is pretty good, although Smackdown's Edge is taking a couple of months off to recharge his batteries as is The Great Khali but he won’t be missed. There’s gotta be something done to infuse the product with life. A new angle? A fresh face? Or should we all expect Mr. McMahon to make his return to save the day. Oh yeah, I’m sorry Chris Jericho was supposed to do that?

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