Thursday, April 03, 2008

Note To Rangers: Just Win Baby!

This is a big test tonight for the New York Rangers, let’s not kid ourselves. Beating the Islanders is all that stands in the way of a third consecutive playoff berth for the Blueshirts. Destiny lies in their hands and they would actually be able to rest some of their achy players, such as Brendan Shanahan (pictured above) in the final two games with a win tonight. The Islanders are a feisty team and Nassau Coliseum will be filled with a bunch of rowdy Islanders’ fans, and many Rangers’ supporters also. But tonight’s game will show me how much intestinal fortitude this team has, something that is quite necessary in the long grind known as the NHL post-season. Will this one game predict how far the Blueshirts will go in the playoffs? Absolutely not. But it will show us all how much killer instinct this team does or does not have.

I’ll be watching…

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