Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bloody Wrestlemania Hangover

The W.W.E. was in London last night for Monday Night Raw and although the show was good, I still personally am feeling this “Wrestlemania hangover.” That's partially the reason why I haven't posted anything on here the last week or so. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s because there weren’t any new feuds that developed at Wrestlemania. I mean it apparently looks like already the Shawn Michaels-Batista storyline is going to transmogrify itself into a Michaels-Chris Jericho program.

I also think the W.W.E. Title situation is too muddled at this point. Randy Orton beat Triple H and John Cena, so why are they again going to be involved in a match with Orton at a pay-per-view? It should be either Cena or Triple H, not both. I’d much rather see a Cena-Hunter feud. So that brings us to JBL. A win over Finlay makes him the number one contender? I don’t get it, but I somehow have a feeling that John Bradshaw Layfield will come out as the victor in the “fatal four-way” at Backlash.

I am nitpicking, because it’s not all bad. But there is a bit of a punch lacking in the W.W.E.’s programming the last few weeks. Do I hear Vince McMahon reemerging? One never knows. Overall, Raw was good last night. Solid match between Orton and William Regal. Same for the Triple H-JBL bout. Michaels laying out Chris Jericho was also a highlight – during the “highlight reel.” I also actually enjoyed the Mickie James-Beth Phoenix match, and it was good to see James win the W.W.E. Women’s Championship. Next week, things could be spiced up quite a bit with the “King of the Ring” tournament on the three-hour Raw.

Incidentally, I'm hardly a big fan of T.N.A. but I am happy to see that Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle for the T.N.A. World Championship at Sunday's Lockdown pay-per-view.

Keep it in the Ring!

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