Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rangers By Numbers

1942, 1975, 2008? The Toronto Maple Leafs did it to the Detroit Red Wings in ’42; the Islanders did it to the Penguins in ’75; could either the Rangers, Sharks, or Avs do it this year? All three teams trail their respective series three games to none.

The Leafs and Islanders are the only two teams in the history of the N.H.L. to come back from a three-game deficit. If I was an odds-maker - and yes “the most exciting two minutes in sports” is this Saturday but I’ll save that for a future post – I would say the Sharks have the best shot of coming back. Colorado is too banged up and the Penguins just look like it is their time.

But it’s been 33 years since the last hockey miracle comeback and the Rangers play on 33rd street (OK between 31st and 33rd Streets and 7th Avenue to be specific). Tony Amonte used to wear number 33 for the Rangers. Which means what? Nothing really, other than the fact that he is from Massachusetts where another team hails from that pulled out a miracle comeback in another sport.

Blarney from a "Wholigan" you say? Perhaps, but as long as the porch light is still flickering, there’s hope for these Blueshirts.

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