Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Little T.N.A.?

OK so I have been rolling lately in tying in some musical references and sports. Well, I think I have been rolling. On the other hand, the W.W.E. has been on a rocky road in my estimation lately.

An awful Monday Night Raw, this horrible decision to replace Joey Styles with Mike Adamle as the play-by-play announcer for E.C.W. and the suspension of Smackdown writer Michael Hayes for using a racial slur against Mark Henry.

Anything else? Yeah actually there is. Some genius forgot to install bathrooms at the W.W.E.'s brand new state-of-the-art developmental facility in Florida. Thus, they haven't been able to do any television tapings for Florida Championship Wrestling (F.C.W.) God, not a banner week for them. Even though W.W.E. got the three presidential candidates to appear on Raw, the rest of the news has overshadowed any "good" that may have come from their appearance.

Nonetheless, I'm looking for my wrestling fix this week, especially since I won't be ordering W.W.E.'s pay-per-view (screw?) this Sunday, Backlash. I've said on here before that I have never watched a full broadcast of W.W.E. competitor, Total Nonstop Action (T.N.A.), however, if I were to do so, tonight would be the night. There's no Rangers until tomorrow night and the show they are advertising on SpikeTV looks to be pretty solid.

Kurt Angle takes on Samoa Joe in a rematch for the T.N.A. World Championship and they are also teasing Sting coming out and responding to Booker T's challenge. So what would prevent me from watching T.N.A.'s iMPACT show?

Oh just that although they have some real talent, the storylines of the program are what I find to be quite dreadful. It's a shame too, because some of the guys they have on their roster are extraordinarily talented. I'm a big fan of Samoa Joe's and Kurt Angle is a former Olympian, so that match is intriguing for me. But they seem to go for more soap opera stuff and stupid comedy than you know, actual good old fashioned slobberknockers and donnybrooks.

If nothing else comes up tonight, I'll turn it on and I'll hope for something good.

We'll see.

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