Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Business of 'Rasslin'

Ted Turner bought W.C.W. (World Championship Wrestling) in 1988 and so "Billionaire Ted" decided to telephone Mr. McMahon and gloat.

Ted Turner: “Guess what, Vince, I'm in the 'rasslin' business!”
Vince McMahon: “That's nice, Ted, I'm in the sports entertainment business."

Moving right along...

When the W.W.E. announced almost two years ago they were resurrecting Extreme Championship Wrestling (E.C.W.), visions of Dudleys danced in my head. Though I realized that the new boss would most certainly not be the same as the old boss, I still had hope for some similarities.

Well, there were virtually none at the start and as time progressed all that remained the same in the new E.C.W. as the original E.C.W. was the promotion's name and Joey Styles as the play-by-play announcer. Now that’s gone, too.

So Styles got “promoted” to head up Fine I can take the fact that change is inevitable and that Vince McMahon did not love Styles’ mic skills, but Mike Adamle as a replacement? The guy who referred to Jeff Hardy as “Jeff Harvey” at the Royal Rumble. Please. I’ve read the reviews of Adamle’s first night behind the mic and they are unanimously dismal.

Jim Ross says the fans should give Adamle a chance and be forgiving for his inexperience as a wrestling broadcaster. Well, fans shouldn’t have to forgive a guy who – as my old friend Gorilla Monsoon would say – doesn’t know the difference between a wristlock and a wristwatch. I think it’s time to do some homework Mr. Adamle, and perhaps get to know the talent and their names.

In other news…

Some hooligan smashed a window on the W.W.E. tour bus as it rolled away in London the other night. Apparently, Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho were none too pleased.

Indy Wrestling comes to Newburgh, N.Y., this Friday night at the Free Academy High School, with Roddy Piper hosting “Piper’s Pit!” Also, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle is advertised.

Some Thursday night I will sit down and watch the full two hours of T.N.A., though it won't be tonight. I just don't get drawn into T.N.A., despite the fact that so many people rave about it.

Ring of Honor (R.O.H.) is said to be close to a t.v. deal and could announce something very soon.

I recently watched the Jake "The Snake" Roberts story on WWE 24/7. What a sad, sad life. It's amazing Roberts is still alive considering all the drugs he did. I also couldn't believe the DDT move he did to Ricky Steamboat on the cement floor, which legitimately gave "The Dragon" a concussion. Roberts was reluctant to do the move, but I guess the guys who wrote the script demanded he do it. For the record, Steamboat said there were no hard feelings between the two over that particular incident.

I thought Randy Orton was going to get seriously hurt by William Regal's suplex the other night. You're just not supposed to land on your neck that way.

It was good nonetheless to see Mr. Regal back inside the ring. I’d love to see him and JBL square off, I think they would put on some good matches.

Ric Flair was honored in Congress by Rep. Sue Myrick the other day. For more, here is a story in North Carolina's Gaston Gazette.

Jesse Ventura was recently interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show and discussed his 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Let’s all hope for the best for Bobby Eaton who has been hospitalized with some kind of heart ailment.

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