Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Inside The Squared Circle: Maria Groped, Warrior-McMahon, Sid Vicious Comeback in N.W.A., Wrestlemania 25 Thoughts, The Sandman Drunk at Indy Show

We’ll take a trip around the world of professional wrestling to see what is going on...

W.W.E.’s Maria was groped recently at Liberty Airport in Newark, N.J. She went to find Umaga to go after the guy, but the lowlife who did the groping had already disappeared.

Speaking of Umaga, he’s expected to become a “good guy” in the coming months.

Umaga’s mom recently passed away. She was also the mother of Rikishi and the Tonga Kid and the sister of the Wild Samoans.

Starting with Backlash, the W.W.E. is holding three pay-per-view events in five weeks! I guess they are hoping to reap a percentage of people’s rebate checks.

Big Daddy V won’t be allowed to wrestle again until he drops 50 pounds.

Former T.N.A. wrestlers Ron Killings and Chris Harris were both backstage at Backlash. Killings has been working dark matches.

On his MySpace page, The Ultimate Warrior challenged Vince McMahon to a match at Wrestlemania 25. Ho hum! The man formerly known as Jim Hellwig also said some pretty rotten things about Jake “The Snake” Roberts. As if Roberts hasn’t had enough problems in his life.

Sid Vicious continues his comeback with the National Wrestling Alliance (N.W.A.) and will headline a card in Atlanta on June 7. Sid has stated that he hopes to make his way back to the W.W.E. I’ve always been a fan of Sid’s in-ring work and would love to see him back in the limelight. How about pairing up Sid with Tammy "Sunny” Sytch?

Wrestlemania 25 might be more interesting if it is headlined by Sid-Undertaker and Triple H-Shawn Michaels matches. Seeing Warrior anywhere near a W.W.E. ring would be nauseating.

I like long championship reigns, so I also wouldn't mind seeing W.W.E Champion Triple H vs. World Champion Undertaker in a match to unify both championships at WM XXV.

I’m curious to see if Mark Henry gets any heat for the Michael Hayes incident. Hayes is out for a couple of months for using a racial slur toward Henry.

In the ring, The Big Show and Mark Henry are going to start feuding very soon.

E.C.W. original Balls Mahoney was let go by the W.W.E. last week.

More bad news for another E.C.W. original, The Sandman was so drunk at an indy show recently he had to be helped backstage. Time to get help, please!

Keep it in the Ring!

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