Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tiger Woods Coverup?

I wonder what WFAN’s Mike Francesa has at stake with Tiger Woods. This is a man that has devoted entire shows to such "riveting" topics such as what theme song a relief pitcher is using, but all he wants to do with the Tiger Woods story is brush it under the carpet.

This reminds me of when a caller years ago asked why Francesa and his former partner Chris “Mad Dog” Russo weren’t talking about some unflattering stories regarding Ray Handley. The guys had the call disconnected immediately. In that case, Francesa’s cozy relationship with the New York Giants clearly was the reason as to why he would refrain from talking about the story. In the instance of Tiger Woods, I’m not sure yet. The fact is that every talk show has covered the issue: Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, I assume the folks at MSNBC, and ESPN Radio, but Mike doesn’t want to. I wonder why. There is definitely a reason the "pompous one" wants to dismiss this story so quickly.

Tiger Woods has made a bundle of money not only because of his greatness on the golf course, but because of his squeaky clean image. Undoubtedly, it now takes a hit - to what degree is anyone's guess. It's a story! For someone to wave their hand at the rest of us as if we are peons and act so dismissively shows a total disregard for your audience. But what else should I expect from the "almighty one?"

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