Thursday, December 03, 2009

The New York Sports Scene

Kind of lackluster if you ask me...

Jets - Funny that Mike Francesa spent an entire WEEK talking about the Jets head coach crying, but he doesn't want to talk about Tiger Woods. Hmmm, maybe Jesse Ventura has a new topic for his Conspiracy Theory show.
Giants - Incredibly, IF they beat Dallas this weekend they are right back in the playoff hunt.

Rangers - Are in trouble.
Devils - Rolling along, but don't get an ounce of coverage.
Islanders - Despite being 10-10-7, they are playing better than I would have expected. I have to give them credit for not tanking the season despite all of the off-ice ownership issues.

Nets - 0-17
Knicks - Waiting for their savior, Lebron James. But what if he doesn't come next year...

College Basketball
St. John's - 6-0, although that will change against Duke on Saturday.
Fordham - Chuck Costello's Rams are 1-4.
Iona - Is 4-2 overall and tied with the Fairfield Stags, but conference play has yet to begin.

Mets - Let's face facts: they are a joke of a franchise!
Yankees - Apologists think it's good for baseball if they land Roy Halladay.

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