Thursday, December 03, 2009

The End of E.C.W.

Old school E.C.W. fans can now celebrate as it has been reported that the W.W.E. will dispose of the E.C.W. brand next year, although nothing has been confirmed. What will come of the E.C.W. championship is anyone’s guess. But there will still be a wrestling show on Sy-Fy. The current E.C.W. brand never resembled the old version, but I think most people never believed that was a possibility. The W.W.E. is “corporate” and the original Extreme Championship Wrestling was anything but corporate. I do like the W.W.E. having a brand that is a step below Raw and Smackdown in order to rehabilitate talent, which is hopefully what is happening with Shelton Benjamin, or to bring in new stars. So we'll see what direction the company takes...

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