Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inside The Squared Circle: The Passing of Steve Williams, Tommy Dreamer Leaves ECW, Bryan Danielson? Mystico Confusion

Wrestling has lost another...."Dr. Death" Steve Williams has died of throat cancer at the age of 49. I remember Williams very well from his days with the Mid-South/U.W.F. territory and later the N.W.A. Williams was an all-american wrestler and football player at the University of Oklahoma where he played under Barry Switzer.

Nice job by Tommy Dreamer last night giving a farewell speech to the crowd at the Meadowlands after losing to Zack Ryder. Although I have never really been a big fan of Dreamer, he has always been a professional as he showed by giving a boost to Ryder's career. Ryder now can brag that he drove Tommy out of E.C.W. Dreamer is reportedly headed for T.N.A.

Where is Bryan Danielson? He signed a deal with the W.W.E. but apparently is in Arizona training and waiting for the company to call him when they have something for him. Must be nice. My bet is that if he doesn't show up on this Monday's Raw, he will figure in on the "E.C.W. homecoming" angle and will get a shot at Christian and the E.C.W. title.

The W.W.E. last week signed Mexican star Mystico, who also goes under the name Incognito. There was a bit of confusion as some reported that the W.W.E. signed Mistico - a legit legend in Mexican wrestling. Mistico and W.W.E. had tried to negotiate a deal last year, but reportedly talks broke down after the W.W.E. wanted to change his entire gimmick around.

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