Monday, December 28, 2009

Bret Hart Returning

Vince McMahon will appear on Monday Night Raw this evening to address the rumors of Bret Hart's return to the W.W.E. Of course, McMahon is going to confirm those reports otherwise why would he be there (that and he signed Bret to a contract). Some people are scoffing at Hart's return, but I think it will definitely help the W.W.E. and give it a good shot in the arm.

So that will set Monday night January 4 as W.W.E./Monday Night Raw/Bret Hart vs. T.N.A./Impact/Hulk Hogan.

Just to illustrate how far T.N.A. has to go to compete with W.W.E; apparently they are worried that they won't fill up the Universal Studios in Orlando that night for the T.N.A. Impact show. Here's the rub, those tickets are free and capacity is 850!!!!

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