Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Debuts On E.C.W.

I got a good laugh last night when Christian came out to interrupt Jack Swagger’s promo – thank you E.C.W. writers! You see, for weeks, even months, some Internet wrestling “experts” have been claiming they knew exactly when Christian would appear and that their “sources” told them Christian was going right into a W.W.E. title program with then-champion, Jeff Hardy. I even read one writer back up his claim by saying he was good friends with Christian and so therefore no one should question him! Funny stuff.

Good to see Christian back in the W.W.E., but let’s get this straight, Vince McMahon isn’t going to take someone that was a star in another promotion (in this case T.N.A.) and immediately put them on top. Christian will get there, jut not yet. His match against Swagger was solid; I came away, though, more impressed with the former two-sport athlete from Oklahoma University then the ex-T.N.A. Champ.

The other debut on E.C.W. that gave me a little juice was seeing Tyson Kidd (formerly known as T.J. Wilson), accompanied by his real-life girlfriend Natalya Neidhart. Bret Hart wrote in his book about Wilson training in Stu Hart’s legendary dungeon in Calgary where some of the top stars in wrestling have learned their craft. Kidd and Harry Smith (Dave Boy’s son) were tag champs in F.C.W. up until about six weeks ago. When they dropped the belts it looked like they were being brought up to the Smackdown roster as the “new” Hart Foundation. That idea obviously has been scrapped as Smith appears to be headed to Raw to become the fourth member of “Legacy.” Tyson Kidd is one to watch and if they let Kidd and Jamie Noble wrestle for more than five minutes, the two should be able to put on some solid matches.

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