Friday, February 13, 2009

Cane Dewey

I’m finishing up Mick Foley’s first book, Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, and I am reminded of a promo he cut in 1995 while a member of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Foley was trying to convince his rival, Tommy Dreamer, to go to W.C.W. and take Ted Turner’s money over wrestling for the hardcore E.C.W. Foley talks about how he saw a sign in the audience which said, “Can Dewey,” a reference to his son. Many regard this as one of the best promos in wrestling. The freedom which promoter Paul Heyman gave his wrestlers back then made the renegade E.C.W. a big hit – especially, for those that had grown tired of the wrestling product being offered by Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff.

I remember when E.C.W. was aired back in those days on Sunday nights at 11. Good times, indeed!

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