Monday, February 02, 2009

So Long "Rangers Report"

I’ve had a few staples in my links section since I began this blog back in 2006 such as SteelYankee, Drudge Report and a few others. But one that I am now going to remove is "The Rangers Report." The blog is courtesy of The Journal News and was written by Sam Weinman. Sam now moves on to and the Rangers blog is now left in the hands of Rick Carpiniello. Ugh!

Carpiniello almost always comes across as a bitter sports journalist and even worse has this weird “Single White Female” obsession with former Rangers coach Colin Campbell. I’m going to have to find another good Rangers blog or at least a solid hockey one. My jaw dropped when I saw that Carpiniello was back on the beat for the Rangers - the fans deserve better. Sports are supposed to be fun, right?

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Rob Adams said...

We always said Sam would move on to bigger and better things. Good for him. Great guy and a great writer.

As for Rick Carpiniello, let me says this - Lady Bing Trophy: Who Cares?

Kind of sums up how I feel about him.