Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three Counts

Some random thoughts on what’s going on in the mat game right now….

My pal Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun commented that Tuesday night’s Jack Swagger-Christian match is an early contender for best on t.v. this week. I agree with him, but will add that I think it is an early candidate for match of the year – t.v. or p.p.v. Swagger was able to showcase his power and amature background, while Christian displayed some of the unique moves he has in his repertoire. Swagger is the real deal and hopefully this feud with Christian will elevate his star power.

Another future star is Tyson Kidd. E.C.W. has a real gem in Kidd and I can’t wait for Evan Bourne to come back so the two can put on some exciting matches. No need to waste Bourne's time with Mike Knox.

Speaking of Knox, I'm glad that Jamie Noble is OK after temporarily losing feeling in his fingers due to receiving Knox's "corkscrew" finisher.

Manu's W.W.E. legacy never really got off the ground. Too bad he was let go.

Vince McMahon is rumored to be the man to induct Steve Austin into the W.W.E. Hall of Fame. Smart move, if this is indeed the case.

Freddie Prinze Jr. has left the W.W.E. as a member of the creative team for the Smackdown brand.

Somebody recently complained about the lack of promos on the E.C.W. show. Huh? I like the way E.C.W. is structured – four matches, minimal promos, a recap of Raw/Smackdown, some solid young stars and it’s only one hour.

The W.W.E. doesn’t have many great talkers right now, so I think they are smart to go with less promo time. I wish the other two shows would follow suit. Chris Jericho on the other hand, is a great talker and seems to bring out the best in others. Cases in point: Rowdy Roddy Piper delivered one of his best promos of his career a couple of weeks ago on Raw, while Rick Steamboat did the same this past Monday night.

Good interview conducted by Michael Landsberg with Mick Foley and Ted DiBiase (the father) up on the Off The Record Website.

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