Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sather Saves Only Himself

Yesterday’s firing of New York Rangers Head Coach Tom Renney is the result of a horrible summer 2008 for Glen “The Savior” Sather. He struck out by losing Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan and then struck out some more by signing Wade Redden to a ridiculous contract.

Renney played a system that stressed defense, defense and even more defense. There was no margin for error at all. But, Renney felt that he was doing the best with what he was given. Now we will see if the bombastic coach John Tortorella can right the ship of the New York Rangers. We will see more fire, more brimstone and more up-tempo hockey. But does the new coach have the horses?

Initially, yes, I predict the team will surge. But as presently constructed, the Rangers are neither fast enough or good enough to play a run-and-gun style. Somehow, though, a good coach lost his job while a bad G.M. sits and collects his paycheck week after week. It doesn’t really matter to Sather if defenseman Wade Redden wakes up from his season-long slumber or if Chris Drury plays with a bit of snarl, because the G.M. has the luxury of never getting fired no matter the results. I bet Tom Renney wishes he had the same deal.

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