Friday, February 13, 2009

Odds & Sods

Some quick, random thoughts on the 13th....

What was the rush to get through this so-called stimulus bill? Seems to me like there was not enough debate.

At some point in time, President Obama is going to have to hold a press conference and let the American people know what our goals are in Afghanistan. Won't he?

People who cheat deserve to be criticized, however, some of the A-Rod talk is sanctimonious and borders on absurd. "A-Rod ruined the sanctity of baseball" or "He ruined MY Sport!" C'mon get a grip and a life!

Sean Avery will be a Ranger any day. During the regular season, the Rangers have won with Avery. The playoffs are a different story and isn't that the time that really matters in the N.H.L.

Nice signing by the New Jersey Devils in plucking Brendan Shanahan from the free agent wire. With the projected March return of Martin Brodeur, the Devs are poised for a lengthy playoff run.

The Knicks have five more wins right now then they did at this time last year. Wow!

Whatever happened to the New Jersey Nets?

Funny that the price of movies is not commensurate with the quality.

I have more to post, but I'm going to wait until everyone has arrived before I write more.

1 comment:

Rob Adams said...

I can be available for your press conference on Tuesday, Mr. Jeter. Maybe Sly and Jazzman (my new name for Rob Crowley) will join as well.

Now we just need the schedules of the Times, Daily News, and Larry Brooks. It's not a press conference without him.

Life goes on in baseball and once again, the game will recover, but why does it always seem to involve the Yankees lately?