Sunday, November 25, 2007

W.W.E. Raw Preview: A Sort of Homecoming for Ric Flair

Finally, there is something to be excited about on Monday nights once again. Yes, business is about to pick up! First, Shawn Michaels, then Y2J, and now the former 16-time World Champ, the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair makes his return. Monday Night Raw will take place tomorrow night in Charlotte, North Carolina, the hometown of Mr. Flair. What will Flair say to the audience? Will he announce his retirement?

Many fans, like myself, are rooting for one last run for Flair. Perhaps, something that culminates at Wrestlemania in March. Strange thing about Flair appearing on Raw is that he is a member of the Smackdown roster, which leads me to suspect a retirement may be in the offing. Rumors are that Flair will be inducted into the W.W.E Hall of Fame, which always occurs the weekend of Wrestlemania. Flair was losing left and right before he took a little hiatus, which was due to him being upset with all the losing. So who knows where this will go?

Does Flair announce his retirement? Does he come back for a few more months and possibly win the World Championship one more time? I think one more last great run is somehow a pipe dream as Flair really doesn't fit in to the picture. On Smackdown you have World Champ Batista engaged in a pretty contentious feud with The Undertaker and now Edge, with none of the three being friends. Over on Raw you have Chris Jericho gunning for W.W.E. Champ Randy Orton. The E.C.W. World title isn't really something that you would put Flair in the mix for. So where does that leave him? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Raw will also feature Umaga and Snitsky going against W.W.E. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and Triple H. Snitsky interfered in a great match last week between Umaga and Hardy. Triple H saved the day and so now we've got all four hooked up for tomorrow night. Triple H and Jeff Hardy have had their differences in the past, so I'm just waiting for Hunter Hearst Helmsley to turn on Hardy. There's a piece of me that would like to see Jeff Hardy beat Triple H to the punch and turn on him. Basically, I would like the W.W.E. to set up a Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy match for Wrestlemania. Brother vs. brother with these two would be great. It might even rival the classic matches between Bret and his late younger brother, Owen Hart.

- Will Shawn Michaels and Mr. Kennedy duke it out at some point tomorrow night?
- Where is the whole Horsnwoggle/Finlay/Vince McMahon angle going?
- Does Carlito continue to get "jobbed" out as he apparently has given notice to the W.W.E.?

I suppose we will find out tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on Monday Night Raw!

By the way, I decided to post Chris Jericho's debut from eight years ago when he interrupted The Rock. A must-see classic battle of real good jabbermouths ensues!

Keep it in the Ring!

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