Monday, November 05, 2007

Swan Song

Some of you may dismayed to hear that my final meal at Hubba Hubba was Saturday night. Holy chili dogs, Robin! Well, allow me to explain:

After Brunswick won their football game, myself, Rob Adams, and Nick Angotto went over to Port Chester's central hub for grease and had some grub. When I finished eating my food, I suddenly thought that I had left the W.G.C.H. van unlocked. I went out to see and happily everything was fine. No hats or clipboards were missing! Whew! After about five minutes of chatting with Rob and Nick, I drove off and that's when the fun started. A rather peculiar grumbling sound emanated from my stomach, followed by an acute pain, followed by an overwhelming feeling of regret. My stomach was not in the best of spirits Saturday night, nor for much of the day Sunday and so that is why when it comes to me and the Hubba, my only response can be: never more!


Rob Adams said...


Say is isn't so! Especially since it was my idea to go the Hubba.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

No worries. I acutally had a feeling going in that the food might not be up to par.