Friday, November 09, 2007

Greenwich vs. Naples

Well, tonight is the night! Two premiere high school football programs will duke it out on the field in Naples, Florida, and WGCH will have the call. Rob Adams has more at his quite useful website, Exit 55. Meanwhile, I'll be on the air shortly after 6 p.m. with MSG's Mike Quick, Connecticut Post's Sean Patrick Bowley, and Tim Parry, who writes another quite useful blog here. There will be plenty more stuff, as well. Here's how tonight goes as far as programming on AM 1490 WGCH: The game starts at 7:30; with the pre-game show at 7:05; I'll be on from 6-7 with an extensive pre-game.

As far as the game itself goes, Greenwich, as successful as their program has been, never seems to be able to muster anything in the big games, more often than not. I think tonight is especially key for the Cardinals, because I think a loss to Naples would be a huge emotional letdown that could send their season into a tailspin, especially with Staples looming. We'll see. I hope it's a good game and that everyone involved is enjoying themselves in Florida.

Hope you tune in tonight!

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