Friday, November 16, 2007

The Who: Rare "I Can See For Miles"

This is one of the first rock songs that I ever heard and it grabbed me instantly. I was hooked on The Who at a very young age and this song is one of the reasons. Interestingly enough, this video is of a rehearsal on June 13, 2002. Bassist John Entwistle would be found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room on June 27. Very tragic! "The Ox" was one of the greatest and most influential bassists ever! His death took place on the eve of a Who tour, but ironically his passing brought Pete and Roger closer than they had been in years.

I got to see them on that particular tour at Madison Square Garden and session player Pino Palladino had taken "The Ox's" place. I won't say "replace" because no one can replace "Thunderfingers." Palladino has shown to be really, really good.

For whatever reason, the band doesn't perform this song live.

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