Friday, November 16, 2007

Odds & Sods

There is so much going on in the world right now that I had to dust off Odds & Sods in order to transmit this information in the proper vehicle. But be forewarned, many of the following words are dripping with sarcasm.

The most compelling story in news is not that CNN has zero credibility, I mean, especially after Wolf Blitzer got a ringing endorsement from Hillary Clinton’s staff. No, what is occurring in Pakistan is fascinating to me beyond anything. Thankfully, the mainstream media is more concerned with other pertinent things like the effeminate nature of John Edwards. Thank God for that. A country with nuclear weapons, a strong Islamic presence, and an extremely shaky government isn’t something that’s newsworthy.

I’m just waiting for Bert Sugar to tell the government that they should “grow up” in regards to the Barry Bonds issue. Or perhaps Michael Kay can represent Barry Bonds in court. His argument that Bonds drove to Mexico, took steroids, and then drove back to San Francisco sounds like a winning defense to me.

I’m so shocked that the Yankees are able to hold on to their free agents. What with the dismissal – can it be called anything else – of Joe Torre, I most certainly thought that every Yankee free agent would be signing with other teams or those under contract would be demanding a trade. To quote former W.W.E. superstar Ted DiBiase, “Everyone’s got a price for the million dollar man.”

I guess we can call off that collection for Joe Torre; passing the hat probably wouldn’t have been helpful anyway. I was just so glad that he was able to ink a contract with the Dodgers, because that “insulting” deal the Yankees offered wouldn’t have allowed Mr. Torre and his family to stay in their mansion on Sterling Avenue in Harrison. Joe lost me on that one…

During my commute to work I’ve been listening to a tape I have of The Who performing Quadrophenia at Madison Square Garden in 1996. It’s cool because I was at that concert and a friend of mine somehow came up with a bootleg CD, which he gladly made me a copy of. Anyway, I remember that concert like it was yesterday. So what does this have to do with sports? Well, Mark Messier was allegedly in the building that night and I recall how significant that was at the time. Messier, though, has also lost me a bit over the years. What he did for the Rangers will never be forgotten – largely because he, his family, and the MSG Network won’t let us forget it! It’s gotten to the point where it has been shoved down our throats. Yes, prior to the last couple of years, the Rangers were dreadful and oh, by the way was not Messier on those teams? Wasn't leadership lacking during Messier's second stint with the Blueshirts? Anyway, sure, MSG had to focus on something positive. But the constant flag raising and honoring has taken some luster off of a great event, which was the 1994 Cup. Watching Messier’s induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame was special for him. But not as special to me or many fans, because it just seems like déjà vu. Every time I turn around Messier is being celebrated and he starts crying. Mark, if New York was so heavenly, why did you go to Vancouver? Was it the three year $20 million guaranteed contract? No, I get it, the additional two years at your option was really the kicker!

If Mess had kind of gone away for a bit after his retirement, Monday’s induction would have been really special. In some ways Messier crying and carrying on takes away from the other guys he went in with, and even borderlines on disrespectful. I guess our heroes are flawed. But aren’t we all…except if your name is Mike Francesa!

I’ll never forget how he railed against the book, Game of Shadows, and how to Mike it was a “joke” and he "killed" the authors over it. Uh, Mike I don’t think anyone in baseball is laughing now.

My interest in wrestling was renewed about 18 months ago for one reason or another. For years prior to that, my attention capacity was minimal when it came to what was going on inside the squared circle. Really, from the “Montreal Screwjob” in 1997 on, I would flip Raw on now and again or check the W.W.E.’s website to see who was W.W.E. World Champ. but that was it. However, I have to say that one of the things that draws me in, is the fine work of the best broadcasting duo outside of Greenwich, Connecticut, and that would be Jim ”Good ‘Ole J.R.” Ross and Jerry ”The King” Lawler. They are the best in the biz and might be better than Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon or Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain”Heenan. Which, believe me folks, is saying a lot!

I’ve got plenty to say on Amazing Journey: the Story of the Who, which I might just do a separate post on. I really thought it was very fair and have watched it three times and counting. I know some fellow “Wholigans” are going to rip it, but I thought it was well done. I do wish they had interviewed current drummer Zak Starkey on what it is like to perform with The Who and how he feels about being compared with Keith Moon. Starkey is an interesting story to me because his father, Ringo Starr was buddies with Moon, and in fact, Keith Moon gave Zak lessons on playing the drums. Bottom line is I loved the movie. To put it in perspective: If my love for the New York Rangers is a 10 on a scale of 1-10, then my love for The Who is about a 1,000 using that same scale. I’ve never grown tired of them or their music. I hope I never do.

Stay Onsides!

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