Thursday, June 07, 2007

Odds & Sods

Would you please give a warm welcome to Odds & Sods!

Although I am a big supporter of California Congressman Duncan Hunter and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, it appears more and more that Rudy Giuliani is going to get the nomination on the Republican side. Meanwhile, although Barack Obama has got the press all giddy, his inexperience will be his undoing ultimately, which will allow Hillary Clinton to get the nomination for the Democrats. That is unless Al Gore jumps into the fray.

I wonder if we could see a pairing of Al Gore and Mike Bloomberg. Bloomy is pretty middle of the road on many issues. I would definitely vote for Mr. Bloomberg, but never Al Gore.

Incidentally, crime keeps going down in NYC, but somehow the cops can't get a contract (three years without one). Hey, Mike, do the right thing!

By the way, from certain angles Fred Thompson looks a bit like Dwight Eisenhower. Not sure what Mr. Thompson is waiting for, but he's losing valuable time by not declaring.

So now Turkey has special forces and even some ground forces going into northern Iraq. There's a long history between the Turks and Kurds; this is the last thing the world needs. The Kurdistan region was the one area of Iraq that was able to live in peace since Saddam's fall. Unfortunately, there are those who want the oil in the grounds of Kurdistan and do not want the Kurds to continue to live autonomously.

Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks on their Stanley Cup victory last night. Thus, another year passes without Canada having a Stanley Cup winner. The curse of Patrick Roy lives!

Yeah, I know nobody watched.

I like San Antonio is six games.

Injustice Number One: Robert Horry is about to get his seventh NBA Ring. Patrick Ewing never got one.

Injustice Number Two: Barry Bonds.

At some point, probably mid-July, many folks who have forgotten about the Yankees will wake up to see that they are within five games of Boston. Take it to the bank!

I don't know about you, but the amount of low-lifes in the NFL is eventually going to make me think twice about watching. National Felon League = some truth. I'm not quite sure why the national media has not picked up on this Pacman Jones' story, but it is really disgusting.

Ever notice that if you are blond and beautiful the national media fawns over you?

The WWE will hold the annual draft on Monday Night Raw to disperse their talent and refreshen the rosters. The difference this year is that their are now three brands; Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. Vince McMahon needs some competition.

Am I the only one who thinks Oceans 13 is going to be a flop?

There are very few television shows that have gotten my undivided attention for any length of time, but Rescue Me is one of them. The Denis Leary award-winning drama returns Wednesday night. Check your local listings.

Also, Wednesday night, radio broadcaster George Noory hosts a show on Sci-Fi examining the weird and wacky.

I can't understand why people simply won't walk on their right side when on a busy sidewalk. It would save us all from bumping into one another.

Finally, summer makes me think of many things. Sticking to the theme this week of posting some videos that I like; I think back to some great concerts I have seen during the summer. I've seen some real good ones (The Who, Bruce Springsteen) and a few OK ones (Tom Petty, Jimmy Page/Robert Plant). I remember seeing The Who perform Quadrophenia at Madison Square Garden in 1996. I even got the bootleg to that concert. Well, anyway Pete Townshend gave an awesome acoustic performance of "Drowned" at that particular concert. I found this version on youtube from SXSW 2007 in March which took place in Austin, Texas. OK enough videos...just for today.

Stay Onsides!

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Rob Adams said...

Too much to comment on, so I had to open a new window to review...

I like Minister Huckabee. I also like Romney. Rudy - who I like a great deal - makes me nervous. Fred Thompson might be TOO conservative.

Hillary is evil. I'd almost prefer Mr. Internet/EcoMan.

Mayor Mike should focus on the contracts for the cops and forget about the congesion pricing.

I watched the Cup. So sad that the clinching game was so lame. Just no juice. I got to see Don Cherry during his Game four piece. Honestly, he's good for hockey.

I too like San Antonio in six. Might be five after last night's shoddy performance.

He's going to break the record, but I don't want to see Mr. Bonds do it against the Bombers.

Regarding the Yanks - from your mouth to God's ears. It just seems like they're not going to get it done this year. Guess that's the fatalist in me.

Pacman Jones is a dirtbag. He makes Ray Lewis look like a choirboy (I happen to like Lewis though - despite what team he plays for).

The Wife has been bitching about the whole blonde thing for years. God bless the brunettes of the world!

"Oceans 12" was lame, so yeah, I agree.

I'll give you one other "people walking" thing. Have you ever noticed that it's always YOU getting out of the way of other people when they walk? Happens to me all the time.

I'm out - drive safely!