Friday, June 22, 2007

How Come All The Best Looking Women.....Are On The Weather Channel?

OK, I know that's not entirely true, but there are quite a few hotties giving you the forecast! By the way, above picture is of Michelle McCool from the WWE. I didn't feel like going to The Weather Channel's website and lifting photos. It's illegal you know!
Anyway, Tommy Dee and I will be on Blog Talk Radio Sunday night at 6, to talk some basketball. Here's the link to Tommy's site for more information. I hope you will all tune in and feel free to call. Meanwhile, I've got a few things on my mind...

Folks who want to pull all of our troops out of Iraq should pay attention to what took place in Gaza last week. I keep hearing people also saying that Afghanistan is not going well and that there really is no "War On Terror." Again, refer to what took place in Gaza last week. The spring offensive that was predicted in Afghanistan never took place. The idea of pulling out of either place without some stability is suicide. Folks may not want to admit it, but the world is a dangerous place.

Many people will blame President George W. Bush for a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. However, Iran (Shiite majority) and Saudi Arabia (Sunni majority) have both desired nukes since the late '70s.

I've got to hand it to Hillary Clinton, she definitely knows how to spin. If you listen to what she is saying right now in regards to Iraq; Hillary places the blame for the chaos squarely on the Iraqi government, while praising the troops. What she is doing is saying that yes she voted for military force and that eight years of her husband as President made them a strong force. This way no one can take her to task for her vote or for Bill Clinton's unquestionable loathing of the military.

Fred Thompson has been shown to be leading in some of the national polls. I'm just wondering what his positions are.

Everyday innocent people are murdered and/or tortured in the Darfur region in The Sudan. To date, over 400,00 people have been killed and two million have had to flee. You don't have to stand on the sidelines while the world watches a genocide, go here for more. Speak out, I did.

The Yankees get swept by Colorado while Joe Girardi turns down an opportunity to manage the Orioles. Could Joey G. be waitin' on a better opportunity?

I actually heard someone calling for Mets' Manager Willie Randolph to be fired? Uh, they are in first place, right?

THE NHL Draft takes place tonight and tomorrow. From everything I have read it appears as though it is a shallow draft. But there is always player movement at the draft so we'll see.

Brendan Shanahan has indicated that he will play in 2007-08 and that the Rangers are the only team he is interested in donning a sweater for.

I'm not someone that has it out for the WWE, like oh say, Phil Mushnick. In fact, as many of you know I count myself as a WWE fan. However, the Vince McMahon storyline is the worst I have witnessed since I began watching wrestling. For those who have not seen it, Vince's limousine blows up shortly after he gets in the vehicle and shuts the door at the conclusion of Monday Night Raw two weeks ago. CNBC suggested that the WWE could be sued by shareholders for fooling them. That's a bit outlandish, I think. But the WWE's stock, which is listed on NASDAQ, has fallen 3.3 % since the "explosion." McMahon has stated over the years that his programming is as much C.S.I. as sport, hence the monicker "sports entertainment." I get it, but I feel this angle went too far.

Oh yeah, and a Starbucks goes to whoever can tell me what NASDAQ stands for!

A Mighty Heart looks like the film of the summer. Watch this, it's pretty cool!

Rescue Me's second episode ironed some things out and the plot is starting to make more sense.

So do you want to contact a ghost? Last week, George Noory on Into The Unknown told you exactly how. All you have to do is get a recording device (a tape recorder will do) preferably with a microphone. You press record and ask questions to whichever ghost you would like to contact. After finishing the Q&A, listen to what you have recorded. Although while actually asking the questions you won't hear a response, you will on the tape. When all of this is said and done, go look in the mirror and repeat three times, "I'm not loony!"

Yesterday was the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. So is the glass half-full because it's the first day of summer or half-empty because the days will now start to get shorter from here on in?

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Rob Adams said...

First of all, and most importantly, best of luck to you and TD for a great show. I'm jealous!

Secondly (and this is just as important) - say something funny, Sean!!

Third (and possibly equally important) - I listened to the test show with Nikki, and based on her voice, are you looking into dating her?

How about former Brunswick Bruin Kevin Shattenkirk being drafted with the 14th pick? Sounds like he dropped a little in the draft, but he is a very good player!

Lastly it sounds like Girardi didn't take the O's job because he wised up and didn't want to work for Peter Angelos.