Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Matchups: Vote For Rachel!

Currently, the Golden Kayak Indie Song of the Year tournament is in progress. The commissioner contacted me and asked if he could hold some of the matches here at the "Rangers In Seven" Arena, to which I agreed. However, I did warn him about the Dudleys. Before we get to today's contest, let me explain the whole Dudley thing:

The gimmick is that they are the sons of the fictional "Big Daddy" Dudley, a salesman that travelled throughout the U.S.A. and basically fathered all these kids through different women. That's why so many of the Dudleys look different not only in size, but also are of different races. Really, the only similarities are the taped glasses they wear, their unkempt hair, and that they all wear the same wrestling gear, tie-dye shirts and overalls. By the way, the gimmick is based on the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slap Shot. Anyway, one of their creeds is "Thou shall not steal! Thou shall not kill! Thou shall not F*** with the Dudleys!" Anyway, I promise that soon the Dudleys will be in action....On to our next match.

I'm One vs. Hot Pink

Today, Rachel Fuller & Pete Townshend's I'm One goes up against Fifty Foot Wave and their tune, Hot Pink. By the way, the above picture is Rachel (left) and Pete (with the guitar) performing at Joe's Pub in lower Manhattan during one of their In the Attic shows. Also on stage are Jimmy Fallon, Martha Wainwright, and Sean Lennon (who looks exactly like his dad). I'm not sure who the guy to Wainwright's left is. However, she is from a family that is very involved in the music world. In fact, she is the niece of Sloan Wainwright who has collaborated with our old pal Montgomery Delaney on occasion.

Anyway, it's I'm One vs. Hot Pink...Go here to listen and vote early, vote often, but most importantly vote for Rachel...yes I am biased in this one! Don't make me call the Dudleys!

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