Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Matchups: A.L.F. vs. E.T.

Good afternoon everyone! I've been busy all morning trying to get The Dudleys to agree to which two should be involved in the "Triple Threat Tables" Match. Originally Bubba Ray and D-Von showed up at the "Rangers In Seven" Arena looking for a match, however, the other Dudleys started to arrive and at this point it's like a Dudleys' family reunion. We'll straighten it out, just bear with me...Now, to our match! Entering the ring to my left from the planet Melmac...please welcome A.L.F.(Alien Life Form)...and his opponent from somewhere far, far away, E.T. (Extra Terrestrial)!

A.L.F. vs. E.T.

There aren't many sitcoms that I have really gotten into and watched on a regular basis, in fact, especially the last few years. But for whatever reason, I really liked the television show A.L.F. The furry creature from the planet Melmac crashed into the Tanner's garage and they kindly took him in. A.L.F. was a wise-cracking character who loved to chase after the family cat. The show was a surprise to t.v. execs who did not have high expectations for the sitcom. Still, it ran for four years beginning in September of 1986. A.L.F. has been used from time to time in commercials, most notably in some spots with Hulk Hogan and Terry Bradshaw. I love underdogs and A.L.F. was definitely a guy who came out of nowhere.

E.T. was an alien who became stranded on Earth after being chased by government agents. A boy named Elliott lures the alien from his garden into his home using Reese's Pieces. Eventually, E.T. learns to speak English and is even able to imitate and quote some notable films, such as The Quiet Man. The two would work together to send E.T. home using very unconventional means, such as a device called Speak N Spell.

E.T. was directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, while Drew Barrymore played Elliott's little sister, while John Williams wrote the score. The film itself cost $10 million to make but has nearly grossed $400 million, according to imdb. When it was released in 1982, it was the highest grossing film ever. The sci-fi click remained at number one until the special edition release of Star Wars in 1997. E.T. was nominated for nine Academy Awards and took home four: Best Original Music Score, Sound, Sound Effects, Editing, and Visual Effects.

So who wins? I saw E.T. once in my life and that was in the theater when it was first released. A great movie that has stood the test of time, although I have not seen it aired on t.v. much. I'm not one who usually goes with something just because it is the popular thing, or just because it has won a bunch of awards. So I take A.L.F. in this one. These are of course my preferences, so A.L.F. gets the nod in this bout!


Rob Adams said...

I never was a big fan of ET, so I'm with you on this one.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

So it's ALF in a laugher. Ho Ho!