Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March Matchups: The Battle of the Big Shows!

Well, folks I think we have things ironed out for our much anticipated "Triple Threat Tables" match. The Dudleys are a tough group to deal with at times. But right now there are only five Dudleys in the building, so hopefully we can get three to go home, and then we will be able to have our match. More to come on that...The Big Show, it's been a movie, a radio show, a t.v. show, and a wrestler. So we decided to take the wrestler and have him go up against the guys who did and do the sports show. Welcome, to the Battle of the Big Shows!

The Big Show (Paul Wight) vs. The Big Show (Keith Olbermann & Dan Patrick)

Paul Wight, 35, is billed as being 7'0" and 5oo pounds, I don't know if that is true or not, but he's definitely a big boy. 'Show got into wrestling by being introduced to Hulk Hogan by Danny Bonaduce at a charity basketball event in 1994. Hogan then hooked up Wight and trainer Larry Sharpe, who owns a wrestling training center in New Jersey, and several others throughout the country. Sharpe worked with Show for about seven months or so before Wight was ready to make his debut.

He began in World Championship Wrestling (W.C.W.) under the name The Giant. The storyline being that he was Andre The Giant's son and was accusing Hulk Hogan of being the cause of his "father's" death. He is the only wrestler to have held the W.C.W., W.W.E., and E.C.W. World Titles. He dropped the E.C.W. belt to Bobby Lashley three months ago at the pay-per-view event December to Dismember, and has since taken some time off to recuperate from "nagging injuries."

Wight shows incredible agility in the ring for such a big guy. I've seen him drop kick guys and he was at one point able to do a moonsault. Which basically is doing a back flip off the top rope onto your opponent. Amazing to say the least!

The Dan Patrick Show is a syndicated sports program on ESPN Radio, but transmogrifies itself into The Big Show when Keith Olbermann joins his old tag team partner, Dan Patrick from 2-3 p.m. The two were wildly successful as co-hosts of Sports Center from 1992-1997.

Olbermann bounced around a bit after leaving ESPN in 1997, but has gone on to host his own political show weeknights on MSNBC, called The Countdown. The Dan Patrick Show began airing in September 1999, and at one point featured former Major League Baseball player Rob Dibble as Patrick's co-host.

Olbermann's MSNBC show started off as being apolitical back in March 2003, but has become a nightly bashing of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. He regularly names Mr. O'Reilly as being the "Worst Person in the World." Olbermann regularly gets crushed by The O'Reilly Factor in ratings as they both air during the 8-9 p.m. time slot.

Olbermann/Patrick started out at ESPN being kind of hip and cool to many people, but eventually their act wore thin. If you like "hip hop sportscasting" then those guys are for you. I personally thought Patrick would be good at hosting his own radio show, but I turned out to be hopelessly wrong. Too much of the same type of pie throwing goes on, with not enough substance. Same goes for Olbermann's news show. His constant verbal attacks on O'Reilly fall somewhere between being sophomoric and obsessively hysterical.

If you took The Big Show, you won! The winner in this one is clear....The Big Show, more specifically Paul Wight chokes slams The Big Show for the win!

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