Monday, March 12, 2007

March Matchups: The Battle of the Playmates

So what would pro wrestling be without beautiful women? Well, your humble blogger and promoter of "March Matchups" has decided to bring together a battle of the Playboy Magazine covers. Tomorrow, the new magazine hits newsstands with Ashley on the cover; meanwhile, wildly successful editions of Playboy Magazine have featured Torrie Wilson (twice) and Sable (three times). Playboy brought Wilson and Sable together for the March 2004 edition. So we decided to take the obvious route...Let's hook 'em up!

Ashley vs. Torrie Wilson & Sable
Ashley Massaro, 5'5", 110 pounds, hails from Babylon, N.Y., and is the winner of the 2005 W.W.E. Raw Diva Search, which included a one-year contract with W.W.E. and $250,000. Ashley, 27, hasn't won any championships yet, but I'm sure that accomplishment is right around the corner. She can currently be seen on Friday nights as part of the Smackdown version of the W.W.E.. According to, she signed a three-year deal last year.

Torrie Wilson, 31, 5'7", 133 pounds, has been on the cover of Playboy two times (May 2003 and March 2004 with Sable). Wikipedia said she won something called the 2002 Golden Thong Award and was also voted the twenty-second Most Desirable Woman in the World according to Wilson manages Carlito on W.W.E. Monday Night Raw.

Sable, was formerly married to superstar Johnny B. Badd - a Little Richard lookalike - and has appeared on the front of Playboy Magazine two times (April and September 1999) before being on the cover with Torrie Wilson. She was the W.W.E. Women's Champ for five months in 1999. Sable no longer works for Vince McMahon and was last seen wrestling in Japan and hanging with former World Champ, Brock Lesnar.

So the winner is...two is better than one usually, but I think Ashley comes out on top! Er...uh... of course, I mean the magazine cover!

Keep it in the Ring!

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