Friday, October 13, 2006

Thoughts About 10/11

The horrific tragedy that took place Tuesday showed the very best and the very worst of humanity. The bravery of the first responders and the cowardice and insensitivity of some folks in the media and elsewhere.

What we have to remember is that Cory Lidle was not just a New York Yankee or a former Philly, he was a person. A person who left behind a wife and six-year-old son. I find it deplorable that there are those in the media and talk show hosts and callers and internet posters who besmirch this man because of the team he played for or other ridiculous reasons. Let's also not forget the co-pilot who perished in this tragic accident, Tyler Stanger.

According to 1010 WINS, Stanger operated a flight school at Brackett field in La Verne, California, and lived with his wife and young child in nearby Walnut.

I heard talk show hosts bring up things about Lidle that they took exception with, some stuff that he did in his career. For me I feel that it is completely unnecessary to bring up this type of stuff. So I am not going to get into specifics, because I think that everything has been well-documented the last few days. Let the man rest in peace. Have some empathy. Does anyone remember that?

Isn't it strange that this took place on 10/11? I think when most people heard that a plane hit a building in New York City, everyone's minds went back to that horrific day five years ago. Thankfully we did not have to relive that horrible day, but I think the vulnerability that still exists was magnified by this event. However, I will add that no matter how much security there is, we just will never be 100% safe.

Hats off to the FDNY and NYPD and all the first responders. Once again, when folks are running from a burning building these brave men and women are running to save lives and extinguish a raging fire. Amazing bravery!

Great job by NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg who obviously has all his ducks in a row and ready to respond during emergency situations. I am really amazed that only the two men on board the plane died. We are truly lucky that although this was tragic it was not worse than it was.

According to Fox News, mystery writer Carol Higgins Clark, daughter of author Mary Higgins Clark, lives on the 38th floor of the building and was coming home in a cab when she saw the smoke. She described the building's residents as a mix of doctors, lawyers and writers, and people with second homes. Normally she would have been at home writing by a window in her apartment.

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