Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Ramblings

One week to go before the mid-term elections. Boy the media really exhausts people with this. Yeah I am definitely interested in what happens, but it sort of becomes comparable to Mike and The Mad Dog discussing who really owns the "Enter Sandman" theme song.

By the way, nobody asked me, but the real owner of that song as their entrance hymn is ECW's The Sandman, he's been using it since its release in 1991. But anyway who really cares? My point is that we have gotten bombarded with dirty politics for quite a while now. But get ready because November 8th begins the push for the White House. We will be even more bombarded with politics than ever before. A lot is on the line in 2008 and the media desperately wants one of their own to take office. I believe Hillary Clinton will win, although she would never get my vote. In fact, if all the Republicans have to offer is John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Mit Romney, Hillary will roll to victory. But that's for another time. Romney teaming up with Florida Governor Jeb Bush is an appealing ticket; McCain/Giuliani would probably make me consider staying home.

I think the Dems will retake the House, but not the Senate. This actually could benefit the Republicans in '08 because the country will see how inept the Dems are when it comes to the War On Terror and many of the social issues that everyday folks find to be important. But as we are on the eve of Halloween, let's remember that the election has not occurred yet, and I believe there will be one event that will take place that will have a major impact on the results one way or another.

Stay tuned...

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