Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mini Odds & Sods

I am really happy that Joe Torre is returning to be the Yankees' manager next season. I have always hoped that he would go out winning another World Series and that's what I am hoping will happen. What a shame it would have been for Torre to have gone out after being booted in the first round by Detroit, in all due respect to the Tigers.

So if the Detroit Tigers win the World Series does it then become official that the "experts" really have no clue what they are talking about and that maybe they should think twice before slamming the phone down on people who stay on hold for over an hour. I heard that quite a bit leading up to the playoffs. A few folks tried to make a case for Detroit only to be shouted down!

Barry Bonds a Yankee next season? Never say never!

Last night on ECW was the first ever strip poker competition between the ladies of WWE Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. I know a lot of people will get fired up about this being wrong etc. etc. But the bottom line is that you can always change the channel...

I don't know if I mentioned this but Hardcore Holly lost to RVD in one of the meanest matches I have ever seen. It happened two weeks ago on ECW and let me tell you if you want to see two guys knock each other silly...this was it!

Also, for the first time ever there will be a title vs. title vs. title match at the upcoming Cyber Sunday on November 5. Big Show (ECW Champ) vs. John Cena (WWE Champ) vs. King Booker (World Champ). Just to clarify the winner does not leave with all three belts.

The Rock was great in Gridiron Gang, now let's see how John Cena does as The Marine which comes out this Friday. I plan on seeing The Departed tonight or tomorrow and I will report back to you what I think. I am intrigued by The Marine it looks pretty good.

Montgomery Delaney & The Itchy Nipple Band will be performing at Vintage, 171 Main Street, White Plains, N.Y. at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday October 25. For more information go to:

I hope to finish the rest of my previews for the NHL season this week. I hear Brian Leetch may end up as an analyst for Rangers' broadcasts.

Versus has got to stop with the graphics being put up at the bottom of the screen while play is going on. They put up little promos of upcoming games that consist of a little cartoon character shooting the puck. It got in the way several times during the Rangers' game last night.

People I am really tired of: Jeanine Pirro, Terrell Owens, and Paris Hilton!

Fox News Channel recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. So Bill O'Reilly had a special show which took a look back at some famous and infamous moments on The O'Reilly Factor. What stuck out most to me was in late 2001, Senator John Edwards emphatically stated that everyone would remain united as the War on Terror goes on. O'Reilly asked the question several times and said "Even as we go to Sudan or Somalia or Iraq or wherever to fight the terrorists?" Edwards still said "absolutely everyone would remain united."

I guess not everyone got that memo!


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Ricky said...

Hmm, could you be referring to Fat Mike and the Puppy Dog in your second paragraph? They must have felt pretty sheepish yesterday when they heard the horrific news about Cory Lidle. I listened to them berate him the other day. I know it's all a part of their "act" and they're very successful, etc., but in my opinion they're complete morons.