Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's A New Day a poem by Sean G. Kilkelly

Ever Have A Day So Stressful,
For Not One Blessing Can You See.
You Got An Earful From Your Boss,
The Creditors Tell You Of A Serious Loss.
A Few Birds Deposit Turd On Your Car,
I've Heard That's Good Luck,
But All You Can Think Is What the F***!
Man Your Down on Your Luck,
But Don't Ever Feel Like Your Stuck,
Hey Things Are Bound To Turn Around.
Just Stay Strong,
Before Long You'll Be Able To Say,
Hey, Things Are Much Better,
Just Look Over Yonder,
The Sun Is Shining,
The Grass Is Lush,
Financially You're Now In The Black,
With Plenty Of Green,
What Will You Do,
Oh, Dare To Dream.
Life And The Tide Are Always Changin'
In And Out, Up and Down,
We Ride The Waves Of Life,
So Much Makes So Little Sense,
The Good Times The Bad Times,
And Everything In Between.
For Yesterday Is But A Memory,
Today People Were Kinda Mean,
But Tommorrow, Tommorrow Will Be The Time,
When All Sorrow Is Gone.
And All Dreams Are Pleasant,
All We Have To Do Is Just Hold On.

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