Saturday, October 14, 2006

No Nukes! No Guns!

So North Korea is testing nuclear weapons. So what? What are we going to do about it? The United Nations is a joke and should be used for low-income housing instead of the whores that are alowed to run the place. The UN blew it in Somalia, blew it in Rwanda, the Congo, Libya's WMD, Iraq's WMD, and now is blowing it with Iran and North Korea, and continues to get it wrong in Darfur at the cost of so many innocent lives.

As I write I am also glancing at Fox News reporting that the U.N. Security Council agrees on sactions for North Korea. But it won't be enough, I predict.

Kim Jung Mentally Ill will do whatever he wants and will continue to thumb his nose at the free world. Eventually he will have to be dealt with militarily, as will Iran. The same goes for what would have happened with Iraq. If Saddam had been left in charge with his two maniacal sons, the United States and friends would have eventually had to deal with him at a later date. The whole debate about the Iraq war was not if he had WMD, but the timing.

The world is a dangerous neighborhood and the world is not doing enough to make it safer. China and Russia will never go along with any kind of tough and worthwhile sanctions against North Korea. For God's sake Kim Jung Il is being controlled by the Chinese!

As far as The Sudan goes, UN troops could have been sent in long ago but China is in bed with the Sudanese government. There's plenty of oil under the sands of The Sudan which China is interested in. So the Sudanese government sends out the Janjiweed, who are Islamic fundamentalists, and they kill thousands of civilians in Darfur. Meanwhile, the African Union does nothing to help its brethren and the rest of the world fiddles about.

The lonely eyes of the world look toward the United States and asks where have you gone? But we are fighting two wars and our military is obviously spread too thin. That is why it is so important for the United Nations and the rest of the world to unite. But I won't hold my breath.

Over four hundred thousand dead and two and a half million people displaced and spilling over into neighboring Chad. I thought the world said there would never be another genocide. Well, we have now had two in the last 12 years, Rwanda in 1994 and the ongoing genocide in Darfur which began in 2004.

Way to go United Nations you have a lot to be proud of! So the whores moved from the west side of Manhattan to the east side into a posh building. As far as I am concerned they can all go to hell!

I had a debate the other day with a friend about guns. This obviously is a very hot button issue, especially lately with the recent rash of school violence we have seen across the nation. I have to clarify what I wrote on this blog once: I believe that there should be very strict guidelines as to who possesses a firearm, however, I don't necessarily believe that no one should be able to possess a gun. But I think that the less guns that are out there, the world would definitely be a better place.

Look if you want to go out and hunt, be my guest. I do feel that if you are going to eat the animals you hunt, that is fine, but I hope hunters don't just leave a dead carcass lying in the woods.

The Second Amendment guarantees us the right to bear arms. However, I think there should be some very tight restrictions. Definitely a psychological test and a meeting with a psychologist to pre-screen the person. If they have a history of alcohol or drug abuse I think that should make he or she ineligible to possess a firearm.

So why do I bring this up you ask? Well, recently a man who lives in my building committed suicide. I feel horrible for the family and for him. He suffered from multiple sclerosis and suffered a setback recently by injuring his shoulder. He was wheelchair-bound and was very dependent on others, mostly his sister. I used to see him once in a while on the elevator and he always said hello.

So one morning he went into the parking garage around 9 a.m. after most people had gone to work and then shot himself in the temple. Other people in the building said that he seemed fine emotionally as of late and showed no signs of being deeply depressed. But they did stress that he was not happy about being so dependent on others.

I want to know how this man obtained a gun. Although a shoulder injury caused him to rely on others more than usual, that hardly constitutes a reason for suicide. I can't judge him, of course, so I realize that it had to have been many, many years of setbacks which led him to that very sad decision to end his life. But he must have also been clinically depressed, which from what I have read is only treated with medication.

I really feel awful for him. I can't pretend to know what he went through in his life and the emotional pain he experienced. I hope, that he is finally at peace.

But I believe that if he obtained that gun legally then the sytem did him and everyone else an injustice. Police officers go through rigorous testing, backround checks, and interviews before they are allowed on the force. Psychological tests are pretty acurate, although not 100%, in indicating who is more likely to "go off" when under extreme duress. These tests also show who is more likely to abuse alcohol or take drugs.

The biggest argument I hear against such testing for those who wish to possess a firearm is that the right to bear arms is guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. OK fine. I also know there are many illegal guns out there. But I think it is quite reasonable to have certain guidelines as to who can and who cannot possess a firearm. The other rebuttal to my argument would be someone saying that I would then suggest we have psych testing when someone buys silverware or a car, or if one is going to buy a baseball bat. All can be used as a weapon no doubt about it. But let's just start with guns.

I am not a pacificist by any means, but too often I have read and seen on television people abusing their right to bear arms or folks that really should not have ever been able to possess a gun in the first place. Although I don't like Michael Moore but he did show in Bowling For Columbine just how easy it is to get your hands on a gun.

I am not saying the Second Amendment should be overturned, but I think because of the world we live in today we should definitely restrict the demand for guns. Take the gun manufacturers to task for the high-powered weapons they make which fall into the wrong hands. Some say that restrictions will lead to a complete abolition. That this will lead to the government having too much power. Well if you don't want that to happen maybe more people should participate in democracy, and vote. Not participating in democracy, more likely will lead to its end, rather than stricter gun control laws.

I really am not sure what the obsession is with guns. We worry about steroids in baseball, as we rightly should, but maybe we should also worry about guns in the household.

Concerning the debate I had with my friend, I know when to fold 'em, so I kind of eased up and changed the subject because I saw how angry he was getting. Like The Who sang once, "I don't need to fight to prove I'm right." I'll just blog instead...

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