Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Figure Skater a poem by Sean G. Kilkelly

From The Doldrums Of Winter,
Comes This Tale I Tell,
A Day Like No Other,
The Story Of Amour And Great Rapture.
A Legend Now In Lore,
For I Sat At The Local Pond,
The Water Frozen Over,
The Sun Setting,
With Snow Falling Lightly.
She Would Soon Make Her Appearance,
Rising Most Certainly Like A Phoenix.
So Graceful,
So Full Of Splendor,
Elegant And Regal,
Tall And Mysterious,
Perhaps Egyptian Like Cleopatra.
An Exhilirating Smile To See,
Her Eyes The Gateway To A Mischievous Imagination,
Twisiting And Turning,
With A Subtle Gyration,
Slowly Moving Across The Ice,
For There Were Many To See,
But Jealousy Would Soon Reign Supreme,
For Here Was This Figure Skating Beauty,
Whose Lust And Love 'Twas Only For Me.

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