Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day and The Who

I'm a day late - and probably a dollar short - of posting this but I have some Irish-related songs from two of the principle members of The Who. Above is a YouTube video playing the song "Tipperary" from Pete Townshend's Scoop album. Scoop was an album of demos that Pete did while having some fun in the studio.

This is a link to Roger Daltrey joining up with The Chieftains and performing "Raglan Road" for The Chieftains 1992 album, An Irish Evening (Live). I have a handful of albums by The Chieftains, and they are probably my favorite of Irish songsmiths. "Raglan Road" is a poem by Patrick Kavanagh which has also gone under the name of "Dark Haired Miriam Ran Away."

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