Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Painkillers and Steroids Found In Test's Home

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that police have found painkillers and steroids in the apartment of the late Andrew "Test" Martin. This news is not surprising. What surprised me was that the W.W.E. made no mention of Martin's passing on last night's Raw. The Times' story is here.

Sadly, Test had a very stormy career. He was let go by W.W.E. in 2007 for failing a drug test. Previously, he was re-hired in 2006 after the company showed zero compassion when they let him go after he had spinal fusion surgery back in 2004 and was unable to work.

T.N.A. fired "Test" in 2007 because of his "juiced" look, while their drug policy was under investigation by the U.S. Congress.

According to Jim Ross, Martin took the W.W.E. up on their offer to former stars to go to rehab on their dime last year. Ross said that last he had heard Test was doing well and had been going to A.A. meetings.

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