Thursday, March 12, 2009

17-0 or 16-1?

The main event for Wrestlemania XXV is signed, sealed and will be delivered on the first Sunday in April. The Undertaker will put his undefeated Wrestlemania streak on the line against the man that retired Ric Flair last year, Shawn Michaels. In all probability one of the two championship matches will go on last, but from where I sit, this match makes me buy the show. Michaels-Undertaker will be an instant classic and will give the pay-per-view that extra umph!

There are very few “dream matches” out there – the ones that either have never been done or haven’t been done in a long time - Michaels-‘taker is one that has not been done in a decade and promises to be special. Michaels always delivers and especially so on big stages, while The Undertaker has put on some great performances at Wrestlemania, especially last year against Edge and the year before when he fought Batista.

There's been talk of ending The Undertaker's streak and for a while the word was that they wanted a younger star to do it, perhaps Ted DiBiase whose father originally brought The Undertaker to the W.W.E., but the better bet is to have a veteran like Michaels do it. That is, if they are going to end "the streak" at all.

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