Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One More Mania Match?

E.C.W. had a very good tag team match last night between Jack Swagger/Tyson Kidd against Evan Bourne and Tommy Dreamer. All but dreamer, are going to be top stars in the W.W.E.

Dreamer says that if he doesn’t win the E.C.W. Title by June he will retire. Unfortunately, Dreamer continuously loses except for last night’s match when Bourne got the pin over Kidd. I think a four-way match at Wrestlemania would be the perfect and most believable way to give Dreamer the E.C.W. Championship. I’m not eager for Dreamer’s career to continue past June, but I like a good story and would like to see Dreamer (a Yonkers native) win at Wrestlemania. The other three looked strong in last night’s bout; particularly Bourne. The W.W.E. is foolish if they keep him off of ‘Mania.

One more for the W.W.E. Hall of Fame: Before Michael Buffer there was Howard Finkel. When I think of ring announcers “The Fink” is the guy. He also coined “Wrestlemania.” But I wonder why the W.W.E. is putting so many guys into the Hall of Fame this year. I would have preferred them to have stuck with a Texas-only theme, which means no Finkel, Koko B. Ware or Rick Steamboat. I’m also still wondering why Bill Watts is being inducted.

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