Sunday, January 28, 2007

What If?

We've all had situations in our lives - significant and insignificant - where we have wondered what the outcome might have been if we had gone one way or the other. For example, what if I hadn't eaten raw oysters at Hooters? Ha Ha! Well, here's some examples of the important, inane, insane, insignificant, and insipid.

What if John Lennon (December 8, 1980), Tupac Shakur (September 13, 1996), and Biggie Smalls (March 9, 1997) were not gunned down?

What if Woodstock really was about "change" and not just a pretentious gathering of strung-out rich kids?

What if classic rock radio stations expanded their playlist?

What if Keith Moon (drummer) and John"The Ox"Entwistle (bassist) had followed through on their threats to leave The Who and had joined that "new band that Jimmy Page was forming."

What if Steven Tyler was not America's Mick Jagger?

What if someone goes "Sprewell" on Simon Cowell?

What if Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry had not gotten into drugs?

What if Buck Showalter and George Steinbrenner had gotten along?

What if Derek Jeter put his arm around A-Rod and told him everything would be OK?

What if Mark Messier was never traded to the Rangers?

What if Philadelphia Flyers' goalie Pelle Lindbergh (May 24, 1959-November 10, 1985) was never killed in a car accident?

What if Cus D'Amato - Mike Tyson's guardian and handler - had not died when he did (November 1985 when Tyson was 19)?

What if Michael Strahan and Tiki Barber understood that God gave man two ears and one mouth, so he could listen twice as much as he speaks?

What if the United States military marched all the way to Moscow at the end of World War II?

What if 9/11 had not happened?

What if we actually did give peace a chance?

What if Jeanine Pirro, Hillary Clinton, Paris Hilton, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Trump, and Jane Fonda took a voyage to a faraway planet?

What if Al Gore had not "invented" the Internet?

Then I would not be able to amuse and befuddle you!



ricky said...

Interesting thoughts Sean. I have a "what if" one of my own that is pretty amazing.

My father was in a serious car accident when he was 18. He fell asleep at the wheel and was in the hospital for a year. He recieved 2 draft notices while in the hospital. After the car accident he ended up with a one leg shorter than the other and a second chance on life. If we wasn't in the accident he more than likely would have been killed in Vietnam. If he was killed in the war I wouldn't be sitting here talking about it.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Thanks as always for reading my blog. That is a truly incredible story! It's really amazing how something positive can come out of something that is really horrible.