Monday, January 08, 2007

They're All Reposted!

I decided to repost my poetic trilogy as one post, basically for my own selfish reasons. I wrote about thirty poems last year, believe it or not. Some I really liked and were received well by some folks. I did get some nasty comments by some anonymous kindred spirits, which is fine with me, because some of those comments I found quite comical. Still, some of my poems are the skeletons for potentially ingenious work. Ha Ha!

Of course, I want people to like my stuff. Many of the great poets have written thousands of poems and how many of them are really liked? I would say a small percentage. Of course, I don't consider myself to be a poet, I just like to write poetry. What do I consider myself to be? Well, I don't like labels, that's for sure. So why don't we start with that I am a human being and go from there. By the way, there's really no deep meaning to any of these, I think. Trying to read into any of my poems and then trying to decipher anything about my life, is a real time waster. I try to write for at least a half hour, roughly four times a week. So I hope to establish a real solid archive of things as time progresses. Well, I'm thinking aloud way too much at the moment. Or am I? Anyway, this is what I wrote when I finally finished this batch which was December 13:

I have been working on this trilogy of poems discontinuously for the last three months. It has been written, edited, edited again, thrown out, ripped up, and put back together again in every which way including but not limited to; front ways, sideways, back ways, and thataways. OK you get the picture. No more editing for me with this anymore. I think...At times I think I got rid of better versions. But who knows, I hate to over edit anything. But I may actually use this to expand on at some point in time. Interestingly enough, when I post things I look at them much differently and quite often come up with new ideas. Anyway, I guess this is an appropriate time to post my poetic trilogy called:A Boy and His Guardian Angel

A Boy And His Guardian Angel:Part I
Part I: A Plea To God

Once A Boy,
No More Than Six,
Wrote A Letter To God,
It Went Something Like This:
If You Only Knew,But Of Course You Do.
The World Seems So Unkind,
To You, Do I Even Exist?
You Don't Notice Me.
There's No Connection,
Which I Sorely Miss What Was Once.
Is This Letter Wasted Time?
No Crime Committed Here,Just Hope For A Written Response.

A Boy and His Guardian Angel: Part II
Part II: The Response
The Lord Responded:
Imbalanced Ineptitude,
You Believe Your Life Hangs In The Balance,
Sounds Melodramatic,
But Ineptness Leaves One With A Blatant Emptiness,
A Feeling Of Disconnect,
In Need Of Some True Affections,
Instead What Surfaces Are Superficial Relations,
Creation Would Not Sustain,If This Was How We Maintained.
Listening To The Pidder Padder Of The Rain,
You Glance Out Your Window Into A World Of Nothingness,
Where Such Darkness Looms Like In The Corner Of Your Soul,
This Bottomless Pit Can Not Be Filled With Man's Creations,
Remember Always What I Tell You,
Never Fail To Count How You Have Been Blessed,
Trust In Me And Watch The Dark Hole Shrink,
Your World Will Expand With Positive Accentuations,
Negative Feelings Arise,
But Peal Back The Onion,Try To Learn To Not Become Undone.
For Now I Send One To Guide You,He Never Leaves Your Side,
Trust In His Guidance,He Acts On My Behest,
Favorably Is How He Looks Upon You,You Will Never Leave His Sight.

A Boy and His Guardian Angel:Part III
Part III: The Journey Home

We Reach For The Stars,
You Crawl Through Space,
They Imagine,I Dream The Impossible,
Walking Into A Great Pasture,You Asked What Heaven Looks Like,
Why This Is It I Proclaimed!
The Great Oceans Roar Is Now Silent,
Calmness Reigns,
While Anarchy Ceases Abruptly,
We Travel Along A Road To A Mansion Of Unseen Stature,
See The Glory In Front Of You,
Only Fear Keeps You Looking Back,
Past Hurts Gripped Tightly Dampens Spirits,
History Lessons Become Points Well-Taken,
Briefly Staring At Yesterdays We Revel In Successes Only,
So Much Will Be Revealed As The Future Unfolds,
Faith, Persistence, Patience Are Our Trusted Guides,
Like Torches They Lead Us Not Astray,But To A Place We Will Always Want To Stay.

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