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Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

Odds and Sods decided to take a few extra days off after the holidays so in its place for this week, and this week only, is Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. First off, Happy New Year to everyone! I ask your indulgence in allowing me to wish for a healthy and prosperous year for one and all. Let's rock...

Gee, I guess I missed another one of those memos that gets sent out when I'm away from my desk. Basically, the legacy of Saddam Hussein is being edited and revised as we speak. I'm not going to name names, however, there is a pretty vocal bunch that are upset at the execution of Saddam, you know some of our buddies in Europe! My question for them is how come they only sound off about things involving the United States? I never heard a peep when it came to all the heinous acts that Saddam committed. I never hear a word about Darfur, or any of the genocides that occur in Africa on a seemingly daily basis. But they also did not speak up when Hitler was slaughtering millions of Jews. Sure they did not know the number was so high, but they were aware of what Adolph was up to. The folks I am speaking of are consistently on the wrong side of history, once again their negative spin on the execution of Saddam illustrates their tiresome appeasement to bad apples.

The death penalty is obviously a very complex issue, but if ever there was a man deserving of execution, it was Saddam. The world is better off without Saddam, there is no question about it. Anyone who thinks otherwise should really question what their motives truly are...

So are you ready? I said are you ready? We're going to find out what the Democrats plan to do. They played the mid-term elections to perfection by keeping their mouths shut, except for John Kerry of course. Now we actually get to see what they have in store for us all. But let me remind everyone that you really need 60 votes in the Senate to accomplish anything, which they do not have, so I see little getting done. What I do foresee for the next two years is a glorified campaign for Hillary Clinton's eventual Oval Office run.

The guys over at Fox News were in Iraq last month. I watched extensive coverage of Bill O'Reilly in Iraq and was really fascinated. O'Reilly was very well received and it genuinely looked as though the troops were thrilled to see him. I give him and Sean Hannity mucho props for going 'over there.' I'm sure their families were not ecstatic, but it's part of the job, at least, their jobs.

Speaking of O'Reilly, New York Times' columnist Tom Friedman was on the radio show with Mr. O and said that the insurgency in Iraq is "beating the U.S. military." Friedman is one of the few scribes over at "The Old Grey Lady" that I like and I hold what he has to say in very high regard. If what he is saying is true, the world is in deep, deep trouble.

January 20th marks the end of a very sad chapter in U.S. history, 26 years since the Iranian hostage crisis. Want to know why former President Jimmy Carter was so inept, the fact that this travesty went on for so long (444 days) is a great place to start.

Iran was recently ordered by a U.S. Federal Judge to pay $254 million to the families of the 17 U.S. servicemen killed in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers, which were a residence at a U.S. military base in Saudi Arabia.

I have always read that this was a coordinated strike between Iran and al-Qaeda. Interesting that only Iran was named, but that of course does not exonerate bin Laden and company. I ask you why this story did not get more play in the media?

Here's a number that is glossed over frequently, but I believe is at the root of our problems in Iraq: 60% unemployment among men. Does the expression "Idle hands are The Devil's workshop" apply here or what!

A friend of mine mentioned that he did not think that New York Rangers' analyst Joe Micheletti was as good as John Davidson because he supposedly never played. First off, it's not a prerequisite for a sports broadcaster to have played professionally for him to be good at the sport which he calls. But the funny thing is that Micheletti did play, for the St. Louis Blues.

MSG has revamped their network since early October and one of the things they have added is a show called MSG NY. It basically features sports and entertainment stars, and also does a good job of checking the scores and news from that day and/or night. The show is usually hosted by Al Trautwig or Deb Kaufman which is fine, I like both of them. But Deb Kaufman has a penchant for holding a coffee cup in her hand throughout the entire show. She never takes a sip and their is no steam billowing from the mug, so there is no indication that the cup is half-empty or half-full, whichever you prefer. I don't get it! Is she holding the cup for effect? To make people feel like they are hanging out with her? It's neither, but in fact kind of annoying.

Larry Brooks, of the New York Post wrote about an impending deal sending Martin Rucinsky to the Rangers for his fourth tour of duty. Brooks wrote that this deal would save the Rangers' season. Uh, in all due respect to Mr. Rucinsky, if the Blueshirts need him to "save the season" then there is no season to save.

The albums that have gotten the most play in my car this year in no particular order are: The Beatles' One; The Who's Endless Wire and Live At Leeds; Eric Clapton's Unplugged, Montgomery Delaney's Changing Shoes and Walking In The Light; and Rachel Fuller's Cigarettes and Housework. For whatever reason, I have really taken to Fuller's CD and have been listening to it continuously for at least the last six months. Rachel recently wrote on her blog: "I will be doing an exclusive album for itunes from the In The Attic shows in Europe. The album is being released on 14th February and features 17 tracks with the following artists:The Kooks, Ed Harcourt, Martha Wainwright, The Editors, The Raconteurs, The Flaming Lips, Death Cab For Cutie, The Zutons, Regina Spektor, Razorlight, The Fratellis, Foy Vance, Rose Hill Drive, and of course me (Rachel Fuller), Mikey (Cuthbert), Simon (Townshend) and Pete (Townshend).This album is KILLER."

It's one that I am really looking forward to. I've heard Rose Hill Drive and Martha Wainwright and like them both. I am eager to hear the others...

I was in my favorite place the other day, Barnes & Noble, and picked up Mojo Magazine. There was an interesting interview with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, in which, they discussed Black Widow's Eyes from Endless Wire. Turns out this song is about a man holding a child during the Beslan massacre. He describes the female terrorist who blew herself up, killing the child he held, as ‘having the most penetrating and beautiful eyes.' The man who held the girl was questioned ruthlessly by the Russians in the aftermath, as many witnesses were, according to Mojo.

This song obviously has taken on greater meaning for me, as the Beslan massacre was Russia's 9/11. Here's a sample of some of the lyrics or you could go and listen to it here:

You Jumped Out Of An Alley
With Surprise In Your Black Widow's Eyes
I Was Prepared To Be Unprepared
Been Preparing For Lights

I Fell Right In Love With You
Into A Thousand Parts I Blew
I Fell Right In Love With You

So long to Mike Evans who died of throat cancer on December 14, 2006. Most of you will remember him as Lionel Jefferson on All In The Family and The Jeffersons, two classic shows, the likes of which we will never see again.

I saw Rocky Balboa and really liked it. The sixth installment did not include Talia Shire although originally she was supposed to be in the script. Shire, when she is allowed to act, I think is tremendous, however, the absence of Adrian made this version of Rocky a better story. Sylvester Stallone did a nice job with this one. If you like Rocky you won't be disappointed in Rocky Balboa.

Finally, check out Snapple's Green Tea which contains EGCG. Maybe you've seen that funny commercial for it, or maybe you haven't. Supposedly EGCG boosts metabolism, but even if it doesn't it still tastes great! Hey, I just bought a case at Target so maybe I'll share, or maybe I won't....


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