Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Introducing, Tommy Dee!

Please give a warm welcome to Mr. Tommy Dee who has now entered the world of blogging with his brand new: http://truesportsfans.blogspot.com

I encourage one and all to go check it out. TD has a great knowledge of all the New York teams and knows the college sports as well. If you need a golf lesson Dee's your guy also. My wedge game is better than its ever been thanks to a lesson from TD a couple of years ago down at the Bronx Golf Center on Gun Hill Road. I look forward to reading all of Tommy's musings about the world of sports and beyond.

Go get 'em Dee!

1 comment:

Tommy Dee said...

thanks Sean....My compadre, not sure where I'd be navigating this crazy place called Earth without my boy SGK.