Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dream Along With Bozo

So has anyone perused the report from the Iraq Study Group? Funnies from the report include the (Saudi-sponsored) Organization of the Islamic Conference or the Arab League to decide Iraq's future while another calls for the creation of an "Iraq International Support Group" that includes Iran, Syria, and the United Nations Secretary-General.

I've written on here before about the incredible ineptitude of anything involving the United Nations so let's write that one off write away. But the involvement of the Saudis and Iran is pretty pathetic. Those two countries have been involved and that's by supporting the insurgency. Iran supports the Shiite death squads while Saudi Arabia supports al-Qaeda and her offshoots, all Sunnis. Syria is basically a joke to me, they follow whatever Iran does, so in essence they are one and the same.

I keep hearing people saying that all these countries in the Middle East want a stable Iraq. If that were truly the case this whole thing would have been over by now. Iran wants to have control over the oil in Iraq which would make the Mullahcrats the most powerful regime in that region. The House of Saud does not want another competitor on the world oil market. A stable Iraq with oil flowing nicely to the rest of the world would bring about immense competition and would take a great deal of money from the Saudis.

Also, at stake for those two countries is that Saudi Arabia does not want Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, which most surely they would be able to do with the extra reserves coming from Iraq's oil wells. The Saudis also have designs on getting a nuke, same goes for Egypt.

There are nearly 80 recommendations by the Iraq Study Group being suggested. How many President Bush attempts to go with is any one's guess. It appears that he will increase troop levels, which was not recommended by the Study. We will know more after the New Year, however, the only ones who can and should decide their future is the people of Iraq. They need to step up and take control of their country, rather than allowing others to dictate their fates and fortunes for them.

We've done our job in Iraq: We got rid of Saddam Hussein and his sons, we searched for but did not find the stockpiles of WMD that our and other countries' intelligence apparatus believed existed, and we watched over as the Iraqis went to the polls to establish a democratically-elected government.

Bush may be looking to play one last card here by going full out and eliminating the insurgency. As usual, we have "friends" who are playing both sides of the fence. The Saudis tell us they are our partners in the War On Terror, but history has continually shown that they are anything but our pals. The Iranians continue to talk about their vision for a world without America and Israel. So do you really want to sit at the negotiating table with Iran?

It's not too late for the Iraqis to step up, what certainly should have been done a long time ago, hopefully will take place now.

I submit to you that America did what she set out to do in Iraq. But as far as Afghanistan we have not accomplished our goals. The top leaders of the Taliban and al-Qaeda continue to roam free, as does the top warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyer, who poses a threat to the Hamid Karzai regime and that nation's stability.

This will come back to haunt us, no question about that.

The Middle East as always has a ton of problems. The stakes grow higher if nuclear weapons are brought into the picture. When I look at what the Iraq Study Group had to come up with, I was very disappointed. Perhaps, this is reflective of the futility on the ground in Iraq. I don't believe it is, but the only ones who can show us otherwise are the Iraqi people.

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