Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ice Chips and Revelations

I'll begin with hockey where Edmonton will announce tomorrow around noon that they are going to retire Mark Messier's #11. I'm sure it will be an amazing ceremony but probably not as Broadwayesque as the one that took place last season on 33 and 7th.

Bobby Clarke did not take long to find his way back into a top position with the Flyers.

Believe me when I tell you Devils' Head Coach Claude Julien is not going to last the season. His inability to get John Madden and Jay Pandolfo on the ice against the other team's top lines is deplorable and definite grounds for dismissal.

The New York Rangers have a mild interest in John LeClair, who was recently waived by the Penguins.

A lot was made over the weekend in certain spots about the Rangers not having certain young players in the lineup. Basically, in Hartford promotable forwards are Lauri Korpikoski, Jarkko Immonen, and Greg Moore. Ryan Callahan was up this weekend for a cup of coffee while Nigel Dawes started the year on Broadway. On the blueline there is Ivan Baranka and Byrce Lampman. The only guy out of all of the above I would like to see is Greg Moore because of his grit and the fact that he has a right handed shot, which the Rangers currently do not have enough of. The other guys are still a ways off in terms of development and I feel more damage can be done by bringing them up then keeping them in Hartford.

Basically the way I feel is pretty burnt out for the most part as a result of several things. But I know that when I am angry with someone it has something to do with me and not so much that particular person. For instance, someone at work is a bit of a pain in the ass, but they have been this way since I have known them which is a pretty reasonable amount of time. So what is it with me that allowed them to upset me so much this time around? Because he or she has not changed and is the same person they were years ago and in all probability always will be. So it is my responsibility to examine what is really on my mind and make the appropriate changes to my life where I deem necessary. I have made some decisions recently and am in the process of going forward with them. When nothing changes nothing changes. So in order for a situation to have a chance to improve I must take responsibility for who I am and how I feel and go forward. Life really is way too short for a job or anything along those lines to make one feel burnt out.

I haven't gotten any negative feedback in terms of me going into personal stuff, and quite frankly it won't prevent me from writing about whatever I want on here. I don't think there is one person who reads this blog who is going to get bent out of shape about what I write or don't write and if they do, oh well.

I learned a great lesson a couple of years ago. I wrote a few political commentaries and emailed them to some folks. Well, one person in particular really ripped into me and my personal life because of my political beliefs. I became very discouraged and did not write anything for a while after that. But that's my loss and that is me giving someone else an unnecessary amount of power. In essence, I am allowing that person to control me and my life. Believe me when I tell you I have learned many, many great lessons the last two and a half years. Allow me to share a couple of them while we are at it.

One is that you really don't have as many friends as you think. When difficult times come you'll find out who really is your friend and who is just an acquaintance. That is why I am hesitant to labeling this one my "friend" or that one my "friend." I learned that there are people who really are only in it for themselves and are "takers" rather than "givers."

As far as that person who ripped me about what I had to write, they are no longer in my life. Not for that reason alone but it became par for the course. Really what it all comes down to is this: I make a choice as to who I want in my life and who I don't and if someone is a drag then I have to figure out exactly what my role is. What part am I playing in it?

There is too much in this country of passing the buck and not taking responsibility. It's too easy for me to blame others, rather it is about me looking in the mirror and seeing where I may come up short. I am not saying that I am at fault all the time either, sometimes yes, sometimes no. But like I said I no longer have room for toxic people in my life because in the end it will come back to bite me in the ass. That you can take to the bank.

I write all this because I got an email from a young lady asking me to expound on what I touched on last week in regards to me being bummed out with someone I work with. It is actually irrelevant as to who he or she is or what he or she did, but it is all about my response. In summary, all I am really saying is that I have to focus on my reactions to things as opposed to how other people behave.

That's my tale to tell for today. Tune in next time for more blogging with Dr. Sean....

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