Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Boy and His Guardian Angel:Part III

Part III: The Journey Home

We Reach For The Stars,
You Crawl Through Space,
They Imagine,
I Dream The Impossible,
Walking Into A Great Pasture,
You Asked What Heaven Looks Like,
Why This Is It I Proclaimed!
The Great Oceans Roar Is Now Silent,
Calmness Reigns,
While Anarchy Ceases Abruptly,
We Travel Along A Road,
To A Mansion Of Unseen Stature,
See The Glory In Front Of You,
Only Fear Keeps You Looking Back,
Past Hurts Gripped Tightly Dampens Spirits,
History Lessons Become Points Well-Taken,
Briefly Staring At Yesterdays We Revel In Its Success Only,
So Much Will Be Revealed As The Future Unfolds,
Faith, Persistence, Patience Are Our Trusted Guides,
Like Torches They Lead Us Not Astray,
But To A Place We Will Always Want To Stay.

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