Sunday, November 05, 2006

Voters Beware!

So what should we expect this Tuesday? I believe that this Election Day will bring what some may consider to be the unexpected, while others will consider it to be business as usual. I expect the Democrats to take the House, while the Republicans will retain control of the Senate. I expect their to be legal battles galore as the Dems will scream and shout about voter fraud, especially if the Republicans maintain control of Congress.

Interesting that the Democrats got endorsements from terrorist leaders around the world. If you don't believe me click this link below to read more:

I think most people believe that Iraq is a definite struggle, but pulling out would be utterly disastrous. The terrorists also see Iraq as the central front in the War On Terror.

I have been paying attention lately to the various ways that the media is covering the upcoming election. The New York Times had a story this weekend about how the snipers in Iraq are causing problems for U.S. troops which was of course accompanied by an injured and bloodied U.S. soldier. As if snipers becoming more perilous is something new that just occurred a few days before mid-term elections. I think many folks in the media have engaged in wishful reporting when it comes to the Dems taking control of Congress. But what happens if the polls are wrong? Kerry was beating Bush two years ago according to the polls, so what happened? What will be the reaction this time if the Republicans do not lose as they have been "projected" to by the pollsters.

Will David Gregory's smirk dissolve? Will Maureen Down hate men even more than she already does?

I also found it interesting that any reports about the economy always have a 'but' attached to it.

The same goes for the news of Saddam Hussein being found guilty. This great news was glossed over this morning. I guess it's really not good news for Democrats, so why report it? Amazingly, I saw the Saddam story getting very little publicity on television or at the very least not as much coverage it would get if we were not 48 hours away from the folks going to the polls. Why is that? This should be front and center on every show and should be on the front page of every newspaper tomorrow morning. Somehow I expect it will not be, and so shame on those newspapers.

Conventional wisdom, as opposed to unconventional foolishness, tells me that the Republicans will only lose control of the House. But I have a feeling that they will maintain control of Congress. Don't know why just a feeling. However, quite often, feelings aren't facts.

If the Republicans do come up short on Tuesday they really have no one to blame but themselves. They should have focused on the overall War On Terror, as opposed to just Iraq. The GOP should have focused more on the economy with unemployment rates reaching a five year low at 4.4 %. The Republicans also should have hit the Dems harder by asking them about alternative policies. How would they fight the War On Terror? Do you really want your taxes raised if the Dems get in office? Why do many Dems support sending U.S. troops to Darfur to combat a genocide, when they did not support sending troops to Iraq where Saddam had also committed genocide?

I would ask the Dems about the threat of Islamic extremism which has reared its ugly head in Somalia. What would they do about it?

If as the saying goes the election was really about the economy stupid, the Repubs would win hands down. But this election is about Iraq.

The voters have gotten cheated already because the Dems have not offered an alternative strategy to Iraq. So it pretty much becomes a vote against the current regime as opposed to a vote for a new one. I believe without question that if the Democrats gain control of the Congress they will vote to not financially support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, effectively causing a withdrawal. I also believe, despite what Nancy Pelosi says, that the Dems will try to impeach President Bush. The shouting for Don Rumsfeld's resignation will be louder than ever?

So much for staying united after 9/11, huh? If control of Congress does goes to the Democrats, Usama Bin Laden most assuredly will have a big smile on his face in a cave somewhere.

I am not saying that the Republicans have not made mistakes, because they have. But the alternative party is so dysfunctional that we will go back to the days of appeasement, rather than confronting our sworn enemies.

Nonetheless, I believe that their will be plenty of legal battles over the various elections throughout the country.

Tuesday should be an interesting day, the days that follow may end up being chaotic.


Ricky Fritsch said...

More good stuff Sean. You're right about the media. For the most part they only talk about, write about, and show the negative stuff. Why is that? Our military is doing positive things in Iraq and all over the world. I guess it's an indictment of our society that a lot of people would rather see video footage of a car bomb rather than children in the streets of Iraq cheering for and shaking hands with U.S. troops (who, by the way, are making their futures brighter).

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Thanks for checking in and reading. Too bad more of the American voters did not share your sentiments.