Thursday, November 09, 2006

On The Lighter Side...

What I find comical at this point about the election results is hearing these folks saying they are going to be working together. Yeah, how long will that last for? Five minutes. The next two years are going to be very ugly and very dirty. I am not sure yet who benefits, but I know who loses, and as usual that is you and I.

The positives out of this is that our democracy, which in actuality we are really a republic, is strong. The Iraq war has got people down and they wanted a change and they voted for it. Still way too low of a voter turnout, at 40%.

I learned a great deal about several black politicians such as Michael Steele who ran unsuccessfully for Governor in Maryland; Congressman Harold Ford ran for Senator in Tennessee, in which he was defeated; as well we saw the success of many women such as Nancy Pelosi, who will soon be named as the first woman to be Speaker of the House; and the incredible victory for Jodi Rell who became Governor of Connecticut.

This should serve as a great example to the rest of the world such as the violent and extremely angry Islamists, some of the smug Europeans, and the anti-Americans who reside inside the borders of our great country.

Democracy is healthy when there are two parties who have a say, however, the Democratic party is for the most part a joke. But they have a great opportunity to straighten things out in Iraq, to continue the enormous strides made in the overall War On Terror, and to deal with the illegal immigration problem. Let's see if this once proud party rises to the occasion, or folds like a cheap suit. As they say in the world of broadcasting, stay tuned...

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